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Team Free Money

Team Free Money was made to help the average person earn a higher income by working as a team and creating FREE MONEY for everyone. Members will be involved with joining some of the top most legit programs online and working together as a team to grow their income and to help Pay-it-Forward so other people may start earning for free. 


WE ARE LIKE NO OTHER TEAM ONLINE! We work together to build you a downline at the same time paying it forward for those who can’t afford to join something so high paying.  All we ask as a member of Team Free Money is that you commit to our team, be active in helping the team grow, and pay a small portion of your profits back to the team Pay It Forward funds so we may keep paying it forward and continue to grow everyone’s downline.


Joining our team is as simple as 1-2-3 and the best part is that once you signup with our team, all you need to do after that is things that are so simple you can copy and paste them to your own Facebook wall and share this amazing FREE MONEY earning website with your friends and their friends with a few simple clicks of the mouse. We will teach you everything you need to know about how to help us invite just 1 of your friends or friends friend to join our team. We are so confident that once your earning a lot of money each month your going to want to get everyone you know on the team with you.



The simple things we teach you how to do will only take around 5-10 minutes to do each day. So basically this can work for every person no matter what your situation is. Watch the video below on how our Pay It Forward system works. It’s a real movie made back about 10 years ago, but the message was very powerful on how 1 person with the drive to help many others can build an army of people all working together for 1 purpose…. To Earn a Better Quality of Life For EVERYONE!

How do I start?

Option 1
As a paying member you have perks for joining us and paying your own way.  Members that join as paid members will automatically jump ahead of members waiting in line to have it paid forward to them until funds are available for members that want to have the first month paid for free.

Option 2
Pay it Forward – Choosing this option will have the team pay for your first month with our team.  All Pay it Forward members must apply for a TeamFreeMoney Netspend debit card. We will then fund that card for you and pay the first 30 days with our team for you.

We suggest: That you join our team as a paying member and pay your own way, because that gets your started with our team 7-14 days faster! It also shows us that your serious about joining our team and you will follow the steps it takes to build a sustainable monthly income with our team. We ask that all members that do pay their own way be able to pay less than $100 for your first 90 days with us. After your first 90 days with us is complete, you will already have your downline built for you by you helping the team to grow to be able to sustain your monthly membership fees.

If your join our team as a pay it forward member you will still need to be able to come up with around $50 for the next 60 days with us. That is extremely easy to do and we will provide you with some other free websites to earn some of the money needed in the first 60 days with us. If your still making up excuses and thinking you can’t come up with the $50 needed to pay for month 2 and 3 with us, then your not serious about making a full time income from home that is extremely sustainable and will pay your bills for you.

Again we can show you some very simple websites to use to be able to pay for month 2 and 3 with us, you just have to let the team owners know that your going to need help to pay for month 2 and 3. This way will take you a little longer to start earning profit with our team, but it makes sure you are able to stay with our team for at least 90 days giving our team time to help you grow your monthly earnings together.

Either way you choose, you will still have members placed under you.  Each TeamFreeMoney member will have 2 members placed under them once it’s their turn in line.


STEP ONE – All Team Free Money Members MUST:

All Members of our team need to join NetSpend if you are within the USA.  You will be given a free $20 and $20 back to Team Free Money to pay towards a new members first month membership and help pay your start up fee. Once you load more than $40 to the netspend card, both your netspend account and the team free money team account will receive $20 each.

Pay it Forward members use the whole $40 commission combined to pay for their first month. The whole PIF signup process is done by a TFM owner. Meaning myself or Derek will create all PIF members account on Empower Network. This is to make sure we never get scammed for the money that we put onto the netspend cards for your first month. We work very hard to earn these commissions to help pay for members first month and we do everything possible to protect the pay it forward system we have in place. After the accounts are made, it’s then turned over to you and your advised to change the password on the account to what ever you want to use.

* It’s very important to let Kyle Driskill or Derek Wever know before you signup for Empower Network with our team that you need help paying for month 2 and 3. We need to first use the PIF money we earn for paying your way into the system on another website we use so you can earn enough money to be able to pay for your first 90 days with our team.


To apply for a TeamFreeMoney Netspend card please click here

  • You will then be redirected to our teams prepaid netspend debit card website.
  • Please be sure to fill in all the information with the correct info.
  • Check the top box to confirm you have read the TOS then click “get my card.”
  • Make your online user name something you can easily remember.
  • Then it will take you to the online back office.
  • Close the back office and check your email for the welcome email.
  • Find that email and confirm your email by clicking:
  • “log in or sign up for online account access.”
  • Next accept the popup for the Electronic Signature and TOS.
  • This will be your final step for now.
  • Please return to the TeamFreeMoney page and continue to the next steps.

STEP TWO – All Team Free Money Members MUST:

- Register for on traffic Exchange


Terms And Conditions of Team Free Money Members 

As a Team Free Money member, You agree to pay back 25% of all monthly profits.  This is the money you make after your monthly payment is made.  If you make $100 a month and your payment is $45 then you would profit $55.  We ask that 25% which would be $13.75 to be put back into the Team Free Money “Pay It Forward” system so we can pay for more members to join for FREE.  With that $13.75 we are able to put that together with other members PIF funds to help us pay for more members first month with our team for FREE.

As you can see the tumble effect is going to be huge and all we ask is you “Pay it Forward” to allow us to grow and give people the chance to earn that normally may not of had this chance.

The only other thing we ask all members to do is…
Help bring in 1 member each month.
This is a very simple thing to do even if you only have 10 Facebook friends total. Why? Because those 10 friends most likely have 25-100 friends each too. So all you have to do is take one of our sample posts we have already pre-made for you to share and copy and paste it into a status update. You will then save a picture we use and tag in some of your friends. Our target isn’t those you tag into the picture, but those peoples friends friends. We will show you how to promote a facebook post and simply do all of this. Even if it is your first day with us, the sample post out lines everything you need to say to get people to this website and read everything you have up to this point and on to actually committing to joining our team.

Are you Ready NOW!
The please join our Facebook group – Team Free Money

Please also add both TFM Owners on Facebook as Friends.

1. http://bit.ly/Kyle-Driskill
2. http://bit.ly/Derek-Wever

Any questions on anything you need help with can be answered quicker from our group admin team. Thank you for viewing our website and we hope to see you soon in the members only Facebook group!